How To Remove Toxins From The Body?

How To Remove Toxins From The Body?

The human body is accumulates with toxins throughout the life of a person. They enter the body through the respiratory or digestive organs, and sometimes even through the skin and mucous membranes. These harmful substances are actively displayed by means of the digestive, urinary and respiratory system. However, the body cannot always cope with the load of toxins which is very harmful to our health.

If you listen to your body more closely, you will be able to determine when it is necessary to purge the toxins out of the body. Among these symptoms are severe and frequent headaches, fatigue. You appear irritable, worried about the constant fatigue, there is a possibility of temperature rise and the manifestation of allergic reaction developed by various skin diseases (inflammation, dryness, redness, etc.), mucosal lesions (eg, conjunctivitis, or rhinitis).

One of the most effective methods of cleansing the human body of accumulated toxins is a preventive measure. The first thing is to completely quit smoking, avoid drinking strong tea and coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Try not to overeat, do not use a large amount of fatty foods and products during production that use non-natural colorants, flavors, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.

Accumulation of large amount of toxins in the human body, gradually begin to poison the internal organs and systems. Experts recommend that detoxification should start with cleaning the stomach, then intestines, do not forget to pay attention to the liver and lungs. Then you can begin to cleanse the kidneys, lymph, blood vessels and skin. After that allow cleaning of joints and connective tissues.

If you previously did not carry out any cleaning, it is recommended to start with a simpler option, thus it is necessary for you to first consult a doctor. The fact is that for beginners, some techniques can be really dangerous, so take the right advice before taking any step.

Stomach and Colon Cleansing

Only with a strong poisoning requires a separate cleaning of the stomach. And in other cases it requires bowel cleansing as toxins stagnate in it.

To clean the intestines, you will need to take boiled water (2 liters) at room temperature and stir lemon juice in it (1 tbsp. L.) and vinegar (1 tbsp. L.). The resulting mixture is poured into the mug douches and by lubricating the tip with a small amount of petroleum jelly and can go for an enema.

As soon as the first urge, you need to stop to the entry of liquid and release the intestine. This procedure should be carried out for a week for 2 hours before sleep every day. Starting from the second week of cleansing enema it should be done every other day. During the 3rd week, after 2 days, on the 4th after 3 days and the 5th time once in 7 days. Such a course of purification can be carried out not more than 2 times per year.

Cleaning the liver:

Over the 3 days prior to the liver cleansing procedure, you must go on a diet, during which you need to take only raw vegetables and fruits.

An hour before beginning the cleansing of the liver is to put a warm heating pad. Prepare 2 cups – one of unrefined vegetable oil (preferably olive oil), and in the second lemon juice (or cranberry juice). Each solution to be heated until it acquires the body temperature.

Every 10 minutes, take a sip of both the drinks juice and oil, it might appear to give a feeling of nausea. Over 5 hours it keeps the liver warmer. Next morning of the 2nd day, we need to take the cleansing process of enema, as described above. Throughout the 2nd day, only vegetarian food should be eaten.

It is worth remembering that this method of cleaning is contraindicated to those who suffer from gallstones or kidney, especially if they are large. If you ignore this warning, it is likely to provoke a worsening, severe pain.

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