Boiling These 2 Ingredients – Takes A Week To Lose Up To 4 Kilos

Boiling These 2 Ingredients – Takes A Week To Lose Up To 4 Kilos

Today, most of the people are affected by obesity and overweight, which are the two health problems caused from sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

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To combat both the problems is not impossible and there are now many alternatives preliminary remedies to shed down those excess kilos and regain both the figure and health.

Many of us are in constant search of alternative diets and weight loss, because we always do it for ourselves and would like to feel good, we also have in mind that a balanced weight is synonymous with good health.

If you’re looking to lose weight easily and none of the diets you’ve done so far has worked for you, then you should try this remedy as an effective diet for you to say goodbye to those kilos you do not need. It is very easy prepare and very effective, and calories can be burned while sitting in your living room or even while reading a book!


  • Two teaspoons honey
  • A teaspoon cinnamon
  • 250 ml water


First, Take a bowl of water ,add cinnamon to the boiling water, cover and let stand until it gets cool. Add the honey only when the drink is cooled and bear in mind never to put it in boiling water.

How To Use It:

Half of this incredible resource should be taken before bed, while the other morning before meals, on an empty stomach. And that’s it! You will receive a new body in just 7 days without diet and exercise, and the results are surprising!

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