Natural Remedies For Calcaneal Spur

Natural Remedies For Calcaneal Spur

A heel spur is a bony bump that developsin some people at the point of insertion of a tendon (aponeurosis) in the calcaneus, tarsal bone.

The ram may result in inflammation from the surrounding tissue and therefore cause the characteristic pains. In those cases,the place where the spur calcaneus shows symptomsis manifested with pain in the area where the tendons are inserted into the heel.

Causes of Heel Spurs:

The calcaneal spur is caused by pressure, overexertion and use of inappropriate footwear: the overhead may submit to the fascia of the foot (plantar fascia) in your insertion point at the heel to such an effort that leads to the tearing of the membrane which covers the heel bone, this causes irritation on the surrounding tissue or periosteum. This further produces a painful and localized inflammation of plantar fasciitis.

As a result the body affected is stored by calcium in these areas, probably in order to repair small tears of tendons. Thus it gradually forms ram along the tendons. On the other hand, it can also lead to a congenital heel spur, in the long term it irritates the tendons and causes inflammation.

People who have a deficiency of silica tend to be nervous, they tire easily, are very chilly but transpire at night. Often they have weakness in the column. The wounds are slow to heal, and may have little resistance to infections.

Do you know how to avoid foot pain by the use of high heels?

  • Many women say that wearing heels helps to stylize the figure and to feel safer.
  • However, using this type of footwear daily can affect health because it promotes the appearance of lesions and also is a source of pain. Review the councils to avoid sore feet.
  • Patients with heel spur can be alleviated by using orthotics (heel cups for spurs), by practicing stretching exercises and taking anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • The surgical treatment is used as a last resort, when all other measures have proved ineffective.

Natural Remedies For Calcaneal Spur

  • Mix the following in equal proportion, each must weigh the same: Birch, Valerian, juniper, nettle, Horse Chestnut, Ulmaria.
  • This formula should be taken thrice per day asan infusion.
  • Each time you take it, add 10 drops of extract of horsetail and fumaria.
  • Keep this infusion for 2 months
  • This remedy will help to reabsorb all the accumulation of crystals in the heel (product of uric acid)

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