Effective Home Remedies To Expel Intestinal Parasites And Amoebas

Home Remedies To Expel Intestinal Parasites And Amoebas

Many do not deworm, because they feel it is completely wrong for our body, today there are a variety of deworming medicines that help our body, some tend to be stronger than others and are available for all ages.

Amoebas are microorganisms that live as parasites in humans and animals (dogs). In their life cycle, before reaching the parasitic phase, they are dormant in a covered chitin cyst.

They are small organisms that cannot live by themselves and need others to survive.
They live on or within other agencies and get their food from being where they live and feed.

Home remedies to expel intestinal parasites and amoebas:

Home remedies to remove parasites:
Papaya seeds: It should be barias seeds, place them in a blender and add a little water to help liquefy it, then add a few pieces of papaya and blend until a homogeneous mixture is made.

It may be a little bitter, so add a little honey, and take this every night before bed for a week.

Castor oil and milk:
Take a glass of warm milk, add two teaspoons of castor oil, this should be taken every night before bed, at least for a week, this is very powerful, since the second day it begins to take effect, and the rest of the week. It helps cleanse our intestines, removing all dead parasites and eggs that have been in it.

Lemon seed:

Take three to 4 lemon seeds, then you must crush until a thick paste.

Then you put them into a glass of water and take them, and if you want, you can add some lemon juice, this combination is very bitter, so you have to take only 2 times a day.

Home remedy to eliminate amoebas:

Liquefied onion:

Take an onion and cut into several pieces, add it to a jar and put half a glass of water, allow to stand overnight.

In the morning, liquefy all, add a tablespoon of honey and take it.

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