Only Half Cup Of This Drink Can Expel The Kidney Stones

Only Half Cup Of This Drink Can Expel The Kidney Stones

Diseases that can affect our body are thousands. To avoid, it is necessary to have at least minimal information and make frequent visits to the doctor.

One of the diseases that have claimed more victims in recent years has been the kidney stone. According to a study, very serious kidney stone pollster claims more lives than prostate cancer and breast cancer.

This revealing fact alarms many doctors and organizations responsible for monitoring the health system worldwide.

The kidney stones are solid wastes that form in the kidneys. These wastes typically are large sizes that would be causing difficulties in the functioning of the kidneys and Alarm time to urinate.

They are often discarded without any problems;but sometimes tend to get stuck in the ureters wreaking havoc on our body.

Causes And Solutions

The causes of kidney stone formation in our body can vary greatly, however, there are some causes that could be considered constant in people who suffer from this affliction:

Great meat consumption: The kidney usually exerts a great job when you consume meat, excessive consumption of this, overloads and makes it begin to present difficulties.

Almost zero consumption of vegetables: Vegetables often help improve the health of our kidneys; poor intake of them does not strengthen our kidneys to work effectively.

Dehydration and poor fluid intake: Fluids help digest food faster. It is important to consume at least two liters of water a day, or else your body will suffer.

Home Remedy For Kidney Immediately Clean

There is a recipe easy to prepare that will help cleanse your kidneys immediately.


  • 6 ounces of filtered water
  • 2 ounces of lemon juice

These ingredients should be mixed to prepare lemonade. It is recommended to take at least half a glass of this mixture before each meal for treatment to be effective and act faster.

The citric acid acts as a solvent for our calculations kidneys, so that the more citric acid consumed, the lower the risk of calculus is formatted.

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