The Benefits Of Onion Placed On Your Feet, Myth Or Reality?

The Benefits Of Onion Placed On Your Feet, Myth Or Reality?

Through the Internet browsing, we have encountered a curious article in which some benefits for our health with onions are mentioned, but it is strange? because it tells us that we must place it on the soles of the feet before bedtime to get your healing power.

However there is truth in this? Chinese medicine ensures that the feet are strongly connected to all the internal organs of our body, thanks to the “Meridians”. On the other hand, the onion is used to absorb the virus circulating in the environment.

Whenever there is anyone suffering with flu, an onion is cut in two and placed in the sickroom, usually when they are suffering from influenza and coughing, with a noticeable improvement.

Many of us know that it acts as an antibacterial antibiotics benefits, but only when it is consumed either raw or infusion. However scientifically it has not been able to show that onion has the ability to absorb toxins circulating in the atmosphere although many people use for this.

Home and natural remedies often differ with science because they tend to work in some cases better than the drugs themselves created by science in a laboratory.
The best way to see the benefits of Onion in our foot overnight is tested. So I will explain how to implement this curious method to detoxify your body.


  • Take a purple onion, then wash it well and proceed to cut it into slices.
  • Before going to sleep clean your feet, and place a slice of onion on the soles of the feet exactly where the arc is formed.
  • Use an old foot cover and ensure that the slice remain in contact with your foot using an overnight sock.
  • You must place both feet and use for 5 consecutive days.

The remedy promises:

  1. Purification of blood: Phosphoric acid onion helps absorb toxins and purifies the blood.
  2. Clears the bacteria, germs and pathogens: Onions have strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits!
  3. Purify the air: The onion around your feet purifies the air and keeps your feet that smell better and free of toxins and chemicals removing them from their feet while sleeping.

If any of you have tried it and if it has worked for them positively on your health.We would like to share your experiences. You can leave a comment and share the following article.

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