6 Benefits Of Applying Ice On Your Skin

6 Benefits Of Applying Ice On Your Skin

There is a very interesting way of beautifying facial skin with ice.
Are you curious to know how?
This could become your favorite ritual in the morning after you read about the many amazing benefits to your skin.

6 Benefits Of Applying Ice On Your Skin

Makes your skin shine
Applying ice cubes to the skin on your face will increase your blood circulation and give it a more natural shine. For best results you can use fruit ice cubes.

Stain Reduction
Applying ice cubes on your facial skin will reduce staining, redness of pimples and also inflammation of the skin. Try treating acne by applying ice cubes directly on affected skin.
This treatment should last for a few seconds until the skin becomes numb and should be done every other day at night.

Treatment of Dark Circles
Use a mixture of frozen water with cucumber juice to treat the dark circles under the eyes. These are usually caused by your nocturnal activities, but the application of this mixture will reduce the swelling of the eyes.

Toning Skin
If you are looking for the cheapest way to soften and tone your skin, using ice cubes is the best option. It is recommended to use them before applying any type of makeup on the skin. This will undoubtedly give a flawless finish as it reduces the pores under the makeup.

Excellent Makeup Substitute
Are you in a hurry about to leave and do not have enough time to put on some makeup? Use a cloth wrap to help apply the ice cubes on the skin of the face and this will result in a fresh and radiant appearance without any trace of makeup. Simply natural and beautiful!

Wrinkle Prevention
Using ice reduces wrinkles on the skin and prevents the first signs of aging.

Things to remember about using ice on your skin:

  1. It is not necessary to use a cloth every time ice cubes are applied, but the use of gloves is recommended. This will help keep the ice cubes much longer.
  2. You can get the same result by applying the ice directly on your face or using a cloth wrap.
  3. Capillaries under the skin can be damaged when exposed to extreme cold so it is not recommended to use ice cubes directly from the freezer.
  4. In case there are already damaged capillaries on your face do not use ice for a long time or just do not use it.
  5. By the time the cold becomes unbearable you should stop using it right away! Try not to keep the ice cubes for more than 15 minutes on any area of your face.
  6. You can use these ingredients in the preparation of water for ice cubes: mix regular water with rose water, add a lemon, chamomile tea, green tea, cucumber or other healthy fruits and herbs depending on your skin type.

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