10 Popular Tips For The Removal Of Tired Legs

10 Popular Tips For The Removal Of Tired Legs

Every mother knows the real pain of tired legs as they continuously work on their feet, the care which she takes for her child-looking after the baby, getting things done, doesn’t get time to rest, as a consequence in the evening leads to tired legs. And that leads to have more serious problems with constancy of a load on the legs and which violates the outflow of venous blood and lymph. If problems such as varicose veins already exist, you should consult your doctor. As you read through you’ll get to know a few recipes for prevention and quick relief from of tired

Foot massage-Apply massage oil on the foot and massage in circular motion, from the heels to the toes and back, leave it for a while, not less than 10 minutes and further massage the legs from the ankles to the knees. Then bend / unbend toes. After the massage, stand up on the floor for a few minutes and rise on toes – as high as possible. If there is a mention of the varicose veins in your medical records, then consult a doctor, he will tell you what kind of massage is contraindicated, and what is most useful.

Contrast water procedures- put two basins: in one add hot water (39-30 degrees) and in the other add cool. Place the feet alternately in one bowl (10 seconds) and then the other. Repeat about 20 times and finish the procedure on a basin of cold water. Next, rub the feet with a towel and lubricate with a special cream. The procedure is not recommended if you have kidney problems.

Good old exercise- Lie on your back, lift up your legs, pull your hands apart and “pedal”. This exercise not only helps remove the leg fatigue, but will also be useful for the capillaries and blood flow. After exercise, give yourself a foot bath and massage for complete relaxation.

The ice from herbs- The ice, of course, you need to prepare in advance. Take Brew pharmacy herb (sage leaves, mountain arnica, yarrow and chamomile dye in equal proportions), these are poured into moulds of ice. After working, wipe tired legs with ice cubes. You can use lemon balm and chamomile.

Alcohol Effective and fast- normal alcohol. We get this out of the fridge, rub the soles of the feet with alcohol which works very efficiently and gives a relaxed feeling. It helps pretty quickly. Now lift your feet up. Lifts up above your heads, add up to a comfortable cushion (couch) and relax for 15-20 minutes.

Walking barefoot- in a hurry don’t jump onto slippers during work, get used to walking barefoot to stimulate the nerves endings on the feet. Buy a special massage pad feet marking time and work on it for 5-10 minutes. Try walking on the grass and sand, of course which is impossible to walk in the apartment, but the home pebble beach is accessible to all. Shingles are sold in every store, where they sell fish. Take only pebbles pour the boiling water over the stones, laid out on a towel and walking on pebbles, this massages the sole of the feet.

Masks for feet. 1 .Take a little blue clay, dilute with warm water ,add 2 tbsp. / L clay (the consistency of sour cream) and apply the mixture on the soles of your feet for 25-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water, do a foot massage with a foot cream for 15 minutes. Mask perfectly relieves tired feet and sweating cures. 2 – Grind a banana in a blender, mix with 50 grams of yogurt, and add the corn flour for thickness. First, place the legs in the tub (recipes below) for 15 minutes, then apply the paste of banana for 20 minutes, wash off with warm water, give yourself a gentle foot massage and relax

Cabbage leaf and garlic– This helps to relieve fatigue and swelling of the legs. 1 – Rolling pin is rolled on the cabbage sieve to release the juice imposed on the feet, fasten the bandages 25-30 minutes. 2 – Grind head of garlic in a blender or grater, pour boiling porridge in a cup, insist that for half an hour, and smear the mixture on your feet. Next – wash off with warm water, place the legs in a cool bath of herbs, and give a gentle massage and sleep.

Bath with essential oils– 1 Take cool water (basin)and ice cubes (previously made from herbs), mix 2 drops of essential oil of Mint and a cup of milk to water, also add a little lemon juice. Place your legs in the tub for 10 minutes, and then massage with cream for a relaxing effect.2 – In a basin of warm water add 3 drops of lavender oil mixed with Art / l common salt sea. You can replace the lavender oil with fir, juniper, cypress, geranium, lemon or chamomile. Remember that the optimum number of drops should not be more than 3-4 drops; butter is added to the water in the pure state mixed (with sea salt, milk, soda or with conventional vegetable oil). Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Baths with herbs:

  1. Brew one of the herbs (horsetail, wormwood, St. John’s wort or series), we insist to cool add in the tub; also add 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt. The water temperature – 37 degrees maximum. Omit the feet for 15 minutes.
  2. Choose the broth lime blossom and chamomile on 2 items / l. Adding article / l of honey, procedure takes 15 minutes.
  3. For the broth, add peppermint and nettle (1 tbsp. / L), insist 10 minutes, to the procedure of 20 minutes.
  4. To remove the swelling of the legs, fatigue and pain, brew rowan, wormwood, and calendula (1 tbsp / L to 0.2 L), continue it for 10 minutes, per litre of water in the bath, add 1 tablespoon of / l infusion. 5 .Add a glass of citrus peel (any) brew in 1.5 litres of water, boil for 5 minutes, cool, add in the tub, omit the legs for 20 minutes.

We should protect what nature has given us, and do not forget about the comfortable shoes with flexible soles. It is also recommended to change the height of the shoe 5-6 times during the day – barefoot, slippers, shoes with low heel, slippers again, again barefoot, etc.

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