10 Of The Best Vitamins For Skin, Beauty, Hair And Nails

10 Of The Best Vitamins For Skin, Beauty, Hair And Nails

To preserve ones beauty and to have a young look, the positive emotions, maintaining stress levels and good mood is not enough, the essential vitamins are very much needed to have a healthy body and skin. These vitamins play a vital role, and their deficiency can cause many health problems, some of which are dry lips, brittle nails, skin peeling, and the list is endless. The natural sources of vitamins are fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish products.

But these always don’t contain vitamins sufficient to maintain the internal forces of the body. Therefore doctors around the world advise to periodically prevent vitamin deficiency and take vitamins for beauty, health and youth.

What vitamins are needed for health and beauty of women?

It is scientifically proven that there are several major vitamins that provide the beauty of hair, nails and skin.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which can help fight against aging process, and with the emergence of malignant tumours. This material supports female genital glands, increases the amount of oestrogen. Without which the female figure gradually becomes masculine.

Vitamin C is a vitamin for beauty. This vitamin has an antioxidant effect. Besides this, it also has the ascorbic acid that regulates the melanin formation and destruction. Therefore, in its lack, the skin can be affected with a large number of freckles, age spots and moles.

Vitamin A is found in carrots, apricots, pumpkin and fish meat, animal by products and chicken eggs. The deficiency of this vitamin leads to dry skin, the formation of cracks on the feet and the palms. At the same time your skin becomes like parchment, and ulcers or blisters can appear in the corners of the mouth.

B vitamin affects the nervous system. When there is a lack of this vitamin you tend to have symptoms like fatigue, drowsiness, frequent depression and nervous breakdowns. The deficiency of vitamin B can also deteriorate eyesight, cause sensation in the eyes, and redness of the eyelid skin. Vitamin B5 prevents hair loss, and vitamin B9 is essential for normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Vitamin H is necessary for beautiful skin and mucous membrane health. This vitamin is found in brewer’s yeast, peanuts and liver nuclei.

Vitamin D is responsible for the hardness of bones, teeth whiteness and health, as well as for the beauty of hair and nails.

7 best vitamin complexes and health of young woman

Choose beauty vitamins, you can never get the right proportion by using only natural sources of life substances.

And you can periodically take these complex vitamins. This allows the prevention of the body to be in full “combat”, with readiness to resist the dangerous viruses and bacteria, as well as aggressive environmental conditions.

But modern pharmacy has oversaturated different vitamin complexes. And is quite difficult to choose the best amongst a wide range of variety.

Supradin- It is available in many forms, chewable candy, water-soluble tablets, ordinary tablets and syrup. It contains a complex of essential vitamin C, vitamin A, B6, B12, B9, Vitamin E and C, as well as coenzyme Q10.One tablet or candy of Supradin must be taken twice a day for 1 month. Repeat this not more than twice a year. This is desirable in spring and autumn. The price of 10 tablets is 250 rubles and 25 chocolates are 200 rubles.

Alphabet Cosmetic, this is a series designed for the care of female beauty. It contains all the necessary vitamins for healthy skin, eyes, hair and nails, it contains vitamin A, E, C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10. Properties that we receive of all the substances are divided into three groups. Tablets of different colours, which you need to take each in the morning, afternoon and evening. This sequence allows prevention, and is more effective. Alphabet course should not be taken more than two weeks. Repeat intake should be not more than twice a year. Price per pack of 60 tablets is 320 rubbles.

Vitamin complex –Vitrum Beauty is a popular brand amongst today’s consumers. This is advised by about 57% of physicians that reinforce the credibility of the brand Vitrum. It consists of a huge number of necessary vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C, A, E, D, K, H, B vitamins, as well as antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Complement is a list of iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, iron, boron, selenium. This complex is only suitable for young women. For the more mature ladies, Vitrum firm produces antioxidant complexes such as , mollusks and Beauty Elite. Price 30 tablets – 610 rubles.

Complivit- This brand produces a huge number of varieties in vitamin complexes. It specially invented the formula of “Radiance” for women’s beauty. It contains vitamins A Beauty, E, C, B vitamins, folic acid, nicotinamide, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium and flavonoids. This structure allows you to maintain the production of collagen regeneration of skin cells, protecting them from the harmful effects of UV rays, increase the body’s resistance to the aggressive action of the environment. Take Complivit be one tablet a day for a month. Price Packaging 30 tablets -271 rubles.

This is a biologically active additive to food. It contains at least all the necessary vitamins, which are needed for beauty. The main advantage of this product is hyaluronic acid, which is supplemented with vitamins E and C. Because of this structure, it improves the hydration of the skin, collagen production, resulting in clear and smooth facial skin and also reduces wrinkles. The price is 271 rubles for 36 tablets.

Perfectil is from the English company Vitabiotics . This tool is a powerful aging prevention. It is also prescribed for skin diseases in order to improve the body’s resistance to viruses or bacteria. In Profektila gelatin capsule contains vitamin A, E, C, B5, B6, B12, biotin, as well as iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, silicon and chromium. Price for a package containing 30 capsules is 420 rubles.

Elite Spanish Revidoks product contains pure synthetic vitamins. It consists of a pomace plant extracts,it is a sources of vitamins such as: grape extract, and pomegranate seeds. This composition can boast a loading dose of antioxidants that slow aging, improve skin tone and elasticity of the skin. The price of this set of 30 tablets is about 2100 rubles.

All doctors have warned the world that you cannot take vitamin complexes constantly. Just before each course you need to consult a doctor for any contraindications. In this case, you do not harm your health and are also successful in enhancing your beauty.

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